How Steam Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet Works

Posted in Cleaning Guide, Flooring on October 24, 2019

A steam vacuum cleaner has been a very important home appliance for its extraordinary working principles. It has a great feature of cleaning bacteria and dirt with the generation of steam. It works great especially in the matter of rugs, tiles, soft furnishings and cushions. The dirk, oil, and any residual impurities are stuck inside the cleaner, thus it cleans the surface.

There are ways to use this steam cleaner in carpets or rugs. The following are the instructions.

Step 1 - Go through the given instructions carefully

Although almost all the steam vacuum cleaner works on the same working principle, there might be some differences from company to company. So, it is very important to read all the instructions given with your particular type of steam cleaner and if you don't understand any point ask your manufacturer. Never use it incorrectly, as it can cause you and your machine a lot of damage and harm.

Step 2 - Fill the tank with water and soap liquid if required

A steam vacuum cleaner operates by using only water. We need to take out the container that takes the water and fill it up with water. The water level should not cross the maximum level in the machine. 

There is some special soap products produced for the steam cleaners that many people opt to get a better cleaning and good fragrance. If that is the case, make sure to use a good quality product that is made for this purpose. After mixing water and soap liquid, carefully reinstall the tank in the place of it.

Step 3 - By plugging in the cleaner, start the cleaning process

You need to plugin the cleaner in the nearest safe socket to provide the electrical power and start cleaning the carpet surface area. The …

Can You Use a Steam Mop On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Posted in Cleaning Guide, Home on September 19, 2019

Can you use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl flooring is a perfect flooring system for any house and is mostly preferred over all other marble and tiles option as a cheaper way to make the interiors look compelling. However, it used to be in the form of stickers which are prone to tear and hard to peel off while changing it. Now planks of vinyl are available in the market, which makes the work easier with the same expensive looks as in the past models.

However, besides an expensive look to interiors, it is hard to maintain too. Even though waterproof vinyl planks are seen in the market, using water or steam on it may cause damage by penetrating inside the grooves.

Use of steam cleaners on Vinyl planks 

Steam mops are the latest efficient cleaners which can ensure a neat and clean environment with a negligible percentage of germs and bacteria and not even a trace of bad odors around. However, with those effective applications and incredible performance, there comes some riddling matter of worries as well. One of them is use of steam mop for hardwood floors, which can peel off or can cause cracks on the surface and also can cause cloudiness too.

Vinyl planks are also one of such affected floorings from steam cleaners which may result in some adverse conditions. It is not at all recommended to use intense heat steam on those floors as they can totally damage the shape and quality of the plank from within.

Effects of using steam cleaners on vinyl planks

  • Vinyl is one kind of plastic and plastic are known to be less resistive to heat which is why the shape of the entire floor can be affected.
  • The intensely hot steam gets penetrated inside the grooves and bends the whole plank due to expansion.
  • Use