Can I put Vinegar in My Steam Mop?

Vinegar contains 4 to 7 percentage of acetic acid which can remove stains and dirt easily from the floor. It is also effective in removing odor from the carpet and reduces the formation of soap bubbles inside the cleaning machine. Vinegar is often used in large industries to clean the entire floor at a single wash and is a reliable solution for removing bad odor and hard stains from carpet and many other surfaces. Vinegar is considered safe and natural cleaner which can also be used as a sanitizer in houses.  Adding a few drops of it with water that you are using for cleaning will not only remove stains but also will ensure a healthy environment for children and pets as well.

Using Vinegar in a steam mop

Being natural cleanser and an odor eating substance, top steam mops can work even better with Vinegar and water in several kinds of floor.  Floors like linoleum, tile floors and vinyl floors will give exceptional results when cleaned with vinegar. However, hardwood floors shouldn’t be cleaned with it as with the removal of stains and bad odor, it will also prick off the chemical finishing on it which will result in an ugly look.

White vinegar, when accompanied with water, turns out to be the best cleanser and germ remover for every kind of surfaces. Steam cleaner gets the best and a pile of applications when used with it in residential places and mainly on carpets.

Process of using vinegar in a steam cleaner

Vinegar can be added directly to such devices but for a reliable functioning and processing, this itinerary process can be helpful to a great extent.

  • Add one-quarter of a cup of white distilled vinegar into the reservoir of your cleaner.
  • A cleanser which is recommended by the model or else a normal soap solution can be added on it.
  • Rinse water of recommended amount should be poured into the reservoir.
  • This mixture in the cleaner can be used for cleaning the vinyl floors, tiles, etc as it is the most efficient neutralizer for bad odors and hard stains.

Carpet, upholstery and several other furnishings can be cleaned from the roots if the tank and other removable parts are left soaked with white distilled vinegar. A half-cup of vinegar with warm water works the best in removing bad odors and stains as well. 

Benefits of using vinegar in a steam cleaner

  • The vinegar and warm water solution is a perfect cleanser for bathroom, microwaves, floors, toilets, bathtubs, and countertops as well.
  • Stubborn stains and bad odors from carpets and floors can be cleaned easily with vinegar.
  • It is an effective disinfectant and sanitizer that is able to kill many kinds of bacteria and germs from floors and surfaces.
  • Any hard odor which is irresistible can be neutralized instantly.

With all these incredible benefits, peeling and cracking of hardwood floors is also an aspect to consider. Thus it is strictly recommended to not to use vinegar on any kind of hardwood floors. Even cloudiness on such hardwood floors can also be an adverse result of using distilled vinegar for cleaning.

Can You Use A Steam Mop On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a perfect flooring system for any house and is mostly preferred over all other marble and tiles option as a cheaper way to make the interiors look compelling. However, it used to be in the form of stickers which are prone to tear and hard to peel off while changing it. Now planks of vinyl are available in the market, which makes the work easier with the same expensive looks as in the past models. However, besides an expensive look to interiors, it is hard to maintain too. Even though waterproof vinyl planks are seen in the market, using water or steam on it may cause damage by penetrating inside the grooves.

Use of steam cleaners on Vinyl planks 

Steam mops are the latest efficient cleaners which can ensure a neat and clean environment with a negligible percentage of germs and bacteria and not even a trace of bad odors around. However, with those effective applications and incredible performance, there comes some riddling matter of worries as well. One of them is use of steam mop for hardwood floors, which can peel off or can cause cracks on the surface and also can cause cloudiness too.

Vinyl planks are also one of such affected floorings from steam cleaners which may result in some adverse conditions. It is not at all recommended to use intense heat steam on those floors as they can totally damage the shape and quality of the plank from within.

Effects of using steam cleaners on vinyl planks

  • Vinyl is one kind of plastic and plastic are known to be less resistive to heat which is why the shape of the entire floor can be affected.
  • The intensely hot steam gets penetrated inside the grooves and bends the whole plank due to expansion.
  • Use of high intense steam may also cause damage to the look of the floor thus reducing the shine of it.
  • Made from synthetic materials and polyurethane coating it can resist the effects of intense heat only for some time.
  • An unusual odor starts to spread all around the house after using the steam or water on the vinyl floors which stays for hours.
  • These planks are made to stick with each other by using glue and heat can certainly reduce the stickiness to a great extent which can separate the planks easily.

Precautions to take while using a steam cleaner on vinyl floors

Even though there can be several adverse effects while using steam cleaners on vinyl planks, certain precautions can be effective in cleaning them. Use of normal water with less heat with natural cleanser and vinegar can be an effective measure to clean such floors easily. Even harder stains and bad odor can be removed easily by using vinegar on it. However, the use of intensely heat steam can always be a bad prop to clean such floors from all aspects possible. The advanced steam cleaner contains regulator for variable settings. These can clean the floor and can bring back the shine too.